Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines

January 16, 2012
by jojomccid

Interpreting for WFD President? Wow!

At first, Dean Nicky and I were having butterflies in our stomachs because of two things; one was interpreting in front of an international symposium for the first time, and the other was interpreting for the President of the World Federation of the Deaf! Pressures, pressures! What if our signs were not clear? Continue reading

November 14, 2009
by jojomccid

Country Sign Name

At first, it was difficult to introduce ourselves because of the sign language barrier. But when we got the hang of it, we let loose our signs. We were able to penetrate their conversations and understand their signs. All in but a few minutes of “getting to know” them. Continue reading

September 23, 2009
by jojomccid

Puerto Princesa Underground River, One of the World’s Wonders

I promised myself, “I have to blog this place!” This splendid river is purely awesome! This is God’s wonderful creation in progress! When Sister Sarah Sta. Ana, the lovely hearing wife of Deaf Pastor Isagani Sta. Ana texted me inviting … Continue reading