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December 6, 2012
by jojomccid

Filipino Sign Language 101

This a re-post from an article which appeared last December 1. It clearly explains what Filipino Sign Language is all about courtesy of our FSL Guru, Dr. Liza Martinez. Enjoy!!! What are sign languages? Common misconceptions: Signing is universal. … Continue reading

August 14, 2012
by jojomccid
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Deaf Teacher-Painter Meets his Modern day Good Samaritan

This is a repost from National Council on Disability Affairs Website. Enjoy! A local businessman-artist birthday gifted himself as a sudden inspiration, by inviting deaf teacher-artist and 2-time International Abilympics gold medallist Jose dela Cruz, to sketch friends and show … Continue reading

July 4, 2012
by jojomccid
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This Cebuano is on a mission to create a better future for deaf Pinoys

This is a repost from website written by Anna Valmero featuring my interpreter-colleague who is doing awesome job in in helping Filipino deaf down south of Manila, JP Ecarma Maunes. Enjoy! CEBU CITY, CEBU—For John Paul Ecarme Maunes, deafness … Continue reading