As an interpreter, what would you do?

In my interpreters’ circle of friends, one of them posted this question in her Facebook status,

A sign language interpreter was asked by the deaf group/audience to go on stage so they could see him better. The organizers approved but the government officer-speaker asked the interpreter to get off the stage because “he distracts her”. If you were the interpreter or one of the deaf audience WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I was the first one who replied. I answered,

I will politely ask the speaker that there are deaf people in the audience. But if she still insists on not distracting her, then I have no other choice but to request the entire deaf audience to walk out.

I received two “likes” in my reply. But there were other more bold and strong answers. Now to my deaf and hearing readers, may I throw the question to you? What would you do if you are caught in this uncompromising position? 🙂

2nd National Interpreters’ Conference on May 19

Are you a Filipino Sign Language interpreter? Are you a team player? Do you like to “level up” your interpreting skills?

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ANC News Channel Talkback: Breaking the Silence, Hearing the Deaf

Please watch this complete and informative video of Abs-cbn’s ANC News channel where Rep. Teddy Casino, Author, Sign Language Inset For News Programs Act,Dr. Liza Martinez, Founder/Director, Philippine Deaf Resource Center, Nicky Templo-Perez, Dean, College of St. Benilde – School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies and Macky Calbay, Representative of the Deaf Community were interviewed.