Welcome to my new home!!!

FSL sign for contact with tips of middle fingers touch each other

Welcome to my new blog home!!! Introducing www.deafphilippines.net!!! This personal blog site is a mirror of my original WordPress.com site. However, I decided to have my own domain name so that I can have the freedom to tweak the designs, add as many links that I can, install plugins, change the look of each content and even put advertisements.

My new home is also a WordPress Content Management System site. But I selected a Responsive theme so that the site can be viewed in any screen size including smartphones and tablets. I bought the domain name in 2008 and reserved it. But today is the only time I imported my entire blog post here including categories, comments and related posts.

I will still retain and update my WordPress site which has been my home since 2007. But now, I would most likely focus more on my new permanent home.

I hope subscribers from my old site would also follow me to my new home. 🙂