22nd WFD Regional Secretariat A-P Meeting, November 25-28

22nd WFP Regional Secretariat Poster with view of Tagaytay City venue

Yes folks, the 22nd World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat in Asia-Pacific Meeting will be held in my country, the Philippines from Novermber 25-28, 2010 at Tagaytay City. Here is the email sent by Philippine Federation of the Deaf President Rack Corpuz. She specifically requested that I won’t change any info mentioned in it:

Dear PFD members and friends,

We are happy to inform you our forthcoming 22nd World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat Asia-Pacific will be held in Tagaytay City on November 25-28, 2010, this will be one of memorable event beacuse we made the history of 1st time to host international event, please help PFD by registering early.

Inform your friends too about this event.

See you there!



Here are some other information:

22nd World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat in
Asia / Pacific Representatives Meeting
November 25-28, 2010
Tagaytay City, Philippines

Local Participants Registration form

Option A (2 Nights) Accomodation at Girl Scout of the Philippines Center, Tagaytay City

Early bird on or before September 27, 2010
Php 3, 000.00

Late – Php 3,250.00

Option B (3 Nights) Accomodation at Girl Scout of the Philippines Center, Tagaytay City

Early bird on or before September 27, 2010
Php 3,500.00

Late Php 3,750.00


For pre-registration, please send your payment to
Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD)
Bank of Philippine Islands
Kamias-EDSA Branch, Quezon City , Philippines
Savings account number: 2023-5237-98

Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
Association/Organization: __________________________
School/Company: _________________________________
Cp No. _______________________________
E-mail: _______________________________

Note: Please inform us about your payment and present your deposit slip as proof of your payment on the 1st day of the meeting for your room assignment and claiming meal stubs.

Filipino Deaf’s Appeal to New Philippine President

Here are two videos of our Deaf Faculty in sign language appealing for the newly elected Philippine President Noynoy Aquino to do his promise and not to forget about the concerns of everybody including the Filipino Deaf Community:

MCCID Deaf Coordinator Ervin Reyes

MCCID Deaf Faculty Jerome Marzan

Reverse Interpreter: Ma’am Bethsaida Lumangyao-Villanueva

Election Awareness Campaign for the Deaf

Deaf Jerome shares his experience as a first time voter.

After the dismal showing of party list representative for Persons With Disabilities in the last May national elections, I asked myself, where are their supporters? Why is it that they never had any representation in the House of Representatives? When will their voices be heard?

The answers to my questions are connected to the problem currently faced by the Filipino Deaf Community. Based on my informal survey with our deaf students and the experience I had in the last election, I found out a very disheartening truth. There are very few deaf who are registered voters! In our current student population of 92, only 15 have actually voted, a mere 16% of the total. Now, how can the Filipino deaf be heard if they are not active citizens of the country?  How can they fight for their rights if they don’t even know their basic right to vote?

I explained to them how to fill up the New Voter's Registration Form.

In my informal survey, I asked them why they never voted. Most of their answers are, that they are not aware. Now why is that? They followed it up with a startling truth, that their parents don’t have time to explain to them. The members of their family simply ignored them. They reasoned out that it is very difficult for the family to assist them. So they stayed at home during election day.

Because of this, our school decided to launch its ““Election Awareness Campaign Program last July 31 at MCCID Lecture Hall. More than 50 second and third year deaf students attended the mini-lecture activity. This program will continue up to October 31, in time for the National Barangay Election, which will be held this October 25.

Since majority of the deaf community where I am involved with belong to the voting age, I really saw the need to empower them. I enumerated the many problems deaf people are encountering in the country like unemployment, inability to receive government services, closed captioning and sign language interpreting services and ignoring the 20% discounts on medicine and other vital services. I explained that by registering their vote, the government will become aware of the existence of the deaf community.

During the launch, I also explained to the students how to fill up the Application for Registration as well as the procedure and requirements for registering. I also gave a letter to the parents seeking their help in assisting their child when they register to their respective election offices. It’s time for the family to take part in the social awareness of their child.

I asked our Deaf Faculty Jerome Marzan to share to his students about his experience as a first time voter in the first automated elections last May. Other students also gave their experiences as well as problems they faced when their parents did not allow them to vote.

Here is the list of expected activities:

  • Voting Orientation – July 31
  • Voter Registration – August 3–15
  • Voter Awareness of Barangay Candidates (Barangay Chairman and Barangay Kagawad) – Campaign Period to be announced later
  • National Barangay Election – October 25
  • Ballot guarding and watching TV about elections – October 25-31

I know that this is not too big a work for us. But the outcome of these efforts would greatly help in supporting the cause of our Filipino deaf brothers and sisters in exercising their inherent rights. 🙂

National News Features President’s SONA in Sign Language

I was very much blessed to participate in one of the most important experience of a sign language interpreter, that is to interpret for the President of your own country. I considered it historic because it was the first time a televised State of the Nation Address (SONA) of a Philippine President was interpreted in sign language. It was also the first SONA of the newly elected President Benigno Aquino III.

I also feel honored that I was one of those chosen to interpret him, albeit in cyberspace and not on national TV. It was shown live stream on the Internet through GMANEWS.TV.

Here is a featured news about the SONA shown on national TV via GMA-7’s “24 Oras” last July 27 wherein I was one of those interviewed. It’s in our vernacular so I took the liberty of putting an English subtitle. Enjoy!

Here is the entire video of SONA 2010 with sign language inset.

This page requires a higher version browser
For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Yay! First 120,000 Visits!

Facebook Pages Logos in front of Jojo's Facebook Profile Snapshot in blur.

Cheers!!!! My blog has reached its first 120,000 visitors since I started blogging actively in April 2008! 🙂

Actually my blog already reached the 120,000th mark a week ago. I wasn’t paying much attention to it since I am too much pre-occupied with the main culprit, Facebook! I visit my Facebook profile every time I’m connected to the Internet. The last time I posted something here was nearly three weeks ago, while my Facebook wall post is updated almost daily! tsk tsk tsk

Blogging and posting on Facebook wall are entirely different bananas. You need to spend a longer time composing a blog, while thinking a wall post will only consume around two minutes or so. Blogging entails a more detailed and insightful research on the topic. Since my blog is about deafness, deaf and their culture; I cannot deviate much from it. Inasmuch as I want to include issues from my other loves like web designing, Christian living and music, I am compelled not to post something about them simply because I will be “out of topic”.

Talking about Facebook stats; I already have 513 friends. Nearly a third of that are from my Social City buddies. The rest are my MCCID deaf students, alumni and friends. I’m also surprised that my V. Mapa High School classmates were able to track me down! I already have 20 friends from way back the time of Xanadu’s “Magic”, Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”, Irene Cara’s “Fame” and John Lennon’s “Just like Starting Over”. Yah! John Lennon was still alive when I finished high school! 🙂

I already created four Fan Pages in Facebook. The first one was for our college for the deaf, the second one was for Liliane Foundation Philippines, while the third one was for the first Filipino Sign Language Font which can be downloaded and installed for FREE. The latest is for our Philippine Web Accessibility Group.

Among the four pages, our college for the deaf topped with 855 likes with 319 active users. It is in this Page where I posted some very important announcements concerning the school. This is followed by Filipino Sign Language Font which has 606 likes and 92 active users. Incidentally, the FSL Font has already been downloaded more than 1500 times as of today, thanks to Facebook. Liliane Foundation Philippines has 54 likes with 30 monthly active users. Philippine Web Accessibility Group now has 50 likes with 48 active users.

One great feature of WordPress is its ability to track down the number of visits from your other WordPress designed sites using the same built in API keys. You can also use this for their equally neat Akismet spam blocking plugin. Based on this I was able to know the number of visitors from the following WordPress sites of:

My blog now has 222 posts with 583 comments and 512 tags. My top referrer is still Deafread.com now followed closely by Facebook. Thank you very much my dear readers, whether you are hearing or deaf! Now, on to my first 140,000th visitors! 🙂