Yay! First 90,000 visits!

Nearly two months and eleven blog posts later, I was able to entice 10,000 readers to come to my site. In my visitors profile, the segmentation remains the same. 41% came from the Philippines while 37% are Americans and the rest are from other countries.

My WordPress dashboard says that I already posted 205 blogs with 511 approved comments and 478 tags. WordPress added a neat feature wherein I can now view the number of readers who went straight to my main page. Nearly 21% of my visitors went directly to my home page. With election fever getting hotter by the day (May 14), my blog about Gov. Padaca of Isabela has finally eclipsed my perennial first placer about Deaf Icons Heather and Marlee. My retrospect on Philippine deaf education remains at third. I am humbled by some of my readers who are using my blog posts as a credible reference. 🙂

Deafread.com remains my top referrer followed by our school’s site. However, it’s interesting to note that there are significant number of readers who came from my Facebook page even if I only have 268 friends! hehehe

My blog is now ranked 10th worldwide among deaf related topics according to Postrank.com, up from 17 when I first mentioned this! My top searched word is still my favorite deaf icon, Ms. Marlee Matlin followed by the movie “Dinig Sana Kita“.

Thank you very much my dear readers, whether you are hearing or deaf! On to my first 100,000th visits! 🙂

Disability Informercials from the Philippines

The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), the Philippine government agency tasked to lead and monitor disability related activities and policies, recently uploaded two 30-second video informercials in YouTube. They were both professionally done. I believe they can have a great impact on the disability awareness and promoting the rights of Persons With Disabilities. I just wish they can afford to buy a spot on national TV to show them.

Since its our school through our Deaf Coordinator Sir Ervin Reyes who designed their website using WordPress, I was one of those people who are privileged of viewing them for the first time and putting an annotation (closed caption) in one of the videos when it was uploaded in YouTube. The voiceovers and background music are good, clear and appropriate. But one of the video requires a closed caption so I took the liberty of adding it. I am particularly fond of the part where the deaf welder signs. 🙂

Here they are guys! Enjoy! 🙂

To see more videos from NCDA visit their Official YouTube Channel.

Oops, Cebu Pacific Did it Again!

Cebu Pacific has been discriminating the Persons with Disabilities too much!

First blind and crippled Kathrina Segundo, on a flight from Dumaguete to Manila. Then, about ten Deaf Filipinos
and foreigner
s from Manila to Boracay. Next was wheelchair-rider Nonoy Concha from Cebu to Manila. Now, they did it again to a special child from Hong Kong to Manila!!!

The case Ms. Segundo filed was dismissed by the fiscal, arguing that there was no such discrimination by the airline simply because she was allowed to fly in the last minute! I bet the same situation will happen on the latest case that was filed if media stops covering this.

Mrs. Alcantara’s child was travelling with his mother, so, Cebu Pacific could not argue that he was “Unfit to travel unaccompanied” . Was the child a security or health threat? Did he have a bomb attached to his body? Was he a carrier of some infectious disease? What makes the airline think that their so-called company policies are above and beyond our constitution’s Bill of Rights?!

A boycott in the offing?

In the latest Business Mirror article, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. on Thursday denounced Cebu Pacific Airlines for its policy that disallowed a special child and his mother from boarding a Manila-bound flight from Hong Kong on December 23.

Pimentel prodded the aggrieved mother, Mylene Alcantara, to file a damage suit against Cebu Pacific to prevent a repeat of the incident.

“A case for damages can be filed against the airline,” he said, even as he expects human-rights advocates to also raise a howl of protest against Cebu Pacific’s alleged discriminatory policy.

“I cannot understand why a special child should be made to get out of the plane,” Pimentel said. He added that Cebu Pacific has a lot of explaining to do as it put the airline in a negative light.

In a separate interview, former senator Tito Sotto urged travelers to “boycott Cebu Pacific for the obvious discrimination the airline inflicted against the special child.”

“A boycott of Cebu Pacific is called for because what they did to Mrs. Alcantara and her son is not right,” Sotto said.

Cebu Pacific Apologized (Again and Again?)

It was also learned that Cebu Pacific management had conveyed its apology to Alcantara and her son, as well as other airline passengers who were inconvenienced by the incident that caused a one-hour flight delay.

In a statement, Cebu Pacific said it has no policy that discriminates against persons with special needs.

“The attempt to offload a passenger with developmental disability on a December 23 flight from Hong Kong to Manila was a result of the cabin crew’s misinterpretation of government regulations designed to assure the safety of passengers.”

The statement said that Cebu Pacific has apologized to the passenger and sincerely regrets the incident. It has also taken all the necessary measures to make sure similar incidents do not happen again and that passengers with special needs are properly attended to.

In my blog post dated January 22, 2009, Mr. Ivan Gaw, Head of Cebu Pacific Airlines Guest Services already made a long apology letter to Mr. Kevin Ray Chua, a prominent blogger from Cebu and a supporter of Sen. Mar Roxas.

He even promised that, “Rest assured that it’s not the intention of Cebu Pacific to discriminate anybody. We value all of our guest irregardless of gender, status, and condition.”. Hmmm….. oops they did it again! When will they ever learn?

More Cebu Pacific Woes

Di na talaga nadala ang Cebu Pacific!

I have blogged about the inefficiency, ineptness, sheer ignorance and rampant violation of human rights against Persons with Disabilities here, here, here, here, here and here. But again, they committed the same mistake as if they never learned!

Here is a news video link from GMA-7 about a mother suing Cebu Pacific for millions of pesos in damages brought about by her humiliation against the airline for forcing her to leave the plane because she is with her special child.

Dapat talaga kasuhan na yan para madala I believe that the company should be sued so that they can finally learn their lesson!

Happy 2010!

MCCID Deaf Students and Faculty during the Annual Laguna Outing, January 4-5, 2010
Faculty Lunch in Laguna
MCCID Faculty (From Left:) Me, Sir Jerome (deaf), Sir Ervin (deaf), Ma'am Charmagne (hearing) and Ma'am Tina (deaf)

The past year has brought both hardships and triumphs in our lives. The weather was a disaster. The economy was in a see-saw. Most people say that they became poorer in 2009 than in the past years.

One good thing I love being with the Deaf (at least from those whom I am associated with) is that they are both pragmatic and optimistic. They love a good life. They might not hear some wonders of the world. Well, at least they are shield against some problems of the world. Majority of them believe that good things will soon happen.

Did you know that the phrase “And it came to pass…” appeared 452 times in the Good Book? We may not have everything. Our goals in 2009 may not have reached. We may look at the misery around us. But we know that God will see us through. Then we can look up, smile, and say, “It came to pass.”

Here’s to another blessed year given to us and another blogging year for me! Cheers and Happy 2010 from yours truly! 🙂