Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines

October 25, 2009
by jojomccid

Four Common Myths about Deaf People

Although most people would probably say they would rather be deaf than blind, studies show that deaf people represent the most isolated group of disabled individuals. Their ability to communicate is hindered by the fact that few hearing people know and understand sign language. But then again, deaf people can excel in many ways if only we hearing people learn to remove those common misconceptions about them. Let’s explore some usual myths about them. Continue reading

October 15, 2009
by jojomccid
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Inclusive education, is it fit for the deaf?

This issue has been discussed and debated countless times with hearing people as protagonists. We have been dictating education to them since “education” was invented. Deaf education in the Philippines started more than 100 years ago. Has there been an improvement since then? Don’t we think it’s about time that the deaf people should be more involved in these discussions? It’s their rights that we’re securing, not ours. I hope that when the people from the government especially from the Department of Education start making in-depth discussions about inclusive education, they should at least give the deaf people a chance to be heard. Continue reading