Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines

August 15, 2009
by jojomccid

Paalam, Madam President Corazon Aquino

This time, I want to return the favor to her. To President Aquino, I am truly sorry for all the negativism and hatred that I placed in my heart in the past. I salute and remember your courage, faith in God and sincere love for your country and people. Paalam, Madam President! Continue reading

August 14, 2009
by jojomccid

My Korean Experience with the Deaf

I thought that Asian countries are alike in many ways. I may also equate these perception for deaf communities. But I was mistaken. Probably because of the sign language. Koreans have their own distinct sign language which, I was told, was basically the same as the Japanese sign language. Continue reading