Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines

July 30, 2009
by jojomccid

Common misconceptions when hiring Deaf workers

“Sorry, we can’t hire them because… they can’t hear my instructions, we don’t know sign language and have to hire a sign language interpreter just to accommodate them, the deaf can’t hear their voices so they cannot control them, it will be difficult to talk to them, they can’t understand English or Tagalog, they can’t lipread, I don’t have time to write instructions, we don’t have time and additional manpower to train them, they are difficult to train, they are not aware of what is happening around so they are prone to accidents.
we’re sure deaf people cannot adjust to pressures in the office. Continue reading

July 28, 2009
by jojomccid
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31st NDPR Week Highlights

I have collected a few news articles about the recent celebration of the 31st National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. This event was observed nationwide and various local government agencies as well as Persons With Disabilities groups held their own … Continue reading