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On Cochlear Implants and 3rd World Country


I have been reading some of the posts at website and most of the time, they are dominated by topics about cochlear implants. It’s either bloggers agree/praise the benefits of this technology wonder or they lambast and discriminate people who put themselves under the knife just so they can hear. I think there was even a post banning threat for those bloggers who support cochlear implant. This hotly debated issue even sparked protests in the US as advocates disagree on whether children are best off learning sign language or using hearing implants and aids to thrive in a hearing world.

Now, why don’t I share my insignificant opinion regarding this. But the thing is, I haven’t met a CI Deaf person in my entire 17 years with the community. How can I give my unbiased view about it? Well even if I haven’t seen one, that doesn’t mean that the technology hasn’t arrived our country. The Philippines, although some detractors consider as a third world basket case or an economic laggard, my beloved country can boast of achieving modest achievements in the field of technology innovations. I learned from the Internet that state-of-the-art hospitals here have already done this procedure successfully.

Still, I haven’t seen any Filipino deaf who has undergone this implantation. I believe the main barrier is the price. A family must shell out at least Php 1 million (USD25,000) in order to qualify for this surgery! That’s way too much coming from an ordinary Filipino family who only produces Php10,000 (USD250) a month! But it hasn’t stopped families from taking this expensive operation all for the love of their deaf child.

Here is a 5-minute YouTube video documentary of a very popular TV program in our country that tells a story of a family trying to see if their child can undergo cochlear implant. Hosted by Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo, I-witness is a docu-research shown in GMA-7 last June 2008. The entire program is 30 minutes long so I edited it and shown only the parts related to CI. The language spoken is Tagalog so I added an English subtitle for the benefit of our foreign viewers. :-)


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  2. these are some stories..but there are many kids with one ci who grow up speaking 2 languages quite the grace of God..

  3. grabe wish q lng maaffoprd ko yang implant n yan para sa anak ko..gusto kong maranasan nya ang 1 magandang tunog ng buhay..

  4. may baby ako 2yrs old na, profound din ang hearing loss nya, 6months na siya naka hearing aid, observation namin mag asawa, parang hindi sya nabebenefit dito, sana magkaroon din kami pagkakataon mapacochlear siya, sana may makatulong sa amin lalo na pinansiyal…

    • Good day Dennis! Opinyon ko lang ito. Hindi naman ako espesyalista sa patungkol sa tainga at pandinig. Pero sa pagkakaalam ko kapag profound deafness ang isang bata, malamang sa hindi ay wala na talaga siyang naririnig. Ang “hearing aid” ay gaya ng pinangalan sa kanya, ay isa lamang aid sa pandinig. So kung wala na namang naririnig ang bata, anung saysay ng hearing aid? Ang hearing aid ay makakatulong sa mga taong mayroon pang yung tinatawag na “residual hearing” o may natitira pang pandinig.

      Malamang kumunsulta ka na sa doktor kasi binigyan na ang anak mo ng hearing aid. Ang cochlear implant ay isang napakamahal na operasyon. Ang huli kong balita ay nagkakahalaga ito ng P1.2 million sa isang tainga lamang. At marami pa itong prosesong gagawin o follow ups habang lumalaki ang bata. Mayroon na daw 200 na tao na naoperahan dito sa Pilipinas. Wala naman akong balita kung ano ang lagay ng mga naoperahan na. Mahihirapan kang maglikom ng ganyang halaga para sa operasyon ng anak mo. Pero subukan mong magtanong sa PCSO o sa ibang mga foundations.

      • Hello, I have researched about Cochlear Implant for two years before I decided to have CI. I was born Manila My dad asked me if I interest to have CI when I was 13 years old and I dont confident about having CI. I used wear both hearing aid, I can both lipread and sign. When I was 23 years old, went to Specific hearing at St Luke Makati doctor told me possible CI but not good quality equipment for CI and can have CI in Australia. I am now one left Cochlear Implant and right side wear hearing aid, I cant have wear one it wont help me to understand. so I have both wears to help balance. CI is amazing its worth!!! its up to the children whether their decision to have CI or not.

      • Ms Rona, did you have CI in Australia? If I may ask how much? Thanks :)

  5. Dear Sir/Madam:

    May I know the address of your office, doctor’s complete name and contact numbers here in the Philippines.

    Thank you for your immediate reply.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Lelet Legaspi

  6. Hi po my child is a bilateral profoundly deaf never sya nag benefit sa hearing aid kaya nag decide talaga kami ng husbAnd ko na ipa cochlear implant sya though masalimuot at mahaBang process talaga lalo na ang pag likom ng fund we are partially paid na sa med-el para sa implant nya the rest ng balance is 2 years to pay. Nga pala alm0st 1year dn kmi nag likom ng p0ndo at ayaw ng diyos last 0ctober 4 2010 natuloy na din ang implant ng anak ko. N0w nag papagaling na sya para sa switch on ng c.I nya, txt nyo aq if you want m0re info

    • Hi Sarah,

      Pwede ba mkuha contact details mo…I’m interested kasi na mag pa implant para sa anak ko..thanks

    • Hi Sarah. Madami sana ako itatanong sayo regarding sa experience nyo sa CI. Pwede mo ba mai text sakin cell num mo? Or email mo? My email is : Mobile ko is 09296000990

    • Hi Sarah,

      We really want information about the cochlear implant. I hope you can give us more info. Thanks and
      God bless you.


    • hi mam sarah. my youngest child has a profound hearing loss also, he is 21month old and i’m planning to have him CI kasi parang walang epekto yung hearing aid sa kanya. I just want to ask you kong saan ginawa ang CI ng anak mo at kung magkano lahat ang nagastos mo. Ito number ko 09289050195, tnx and god bless!

    • hi ,. my son 3 yrs old . ndi rin sya ng bebenefits sa hearing aid . gusto na sana namin ipa CI sya . help us naman pno un procedure and mga sponsor para makalikom ng funds. thanks .. big help.

      • Malaki laking halaga po ang gugugulin nyo para sa cochlear implant. around 1 million pesos po per ear. subukan nyo pong dumulog sa PCSO dito sa may E. Rodriguez Ave., QC, dating Quezon Institute kung matutulungan kayo.

  7. Hi sarah,

    I am a mother and i have a 16 month old son. Actually after giving birth his new born screening tests was all fine. Just very recently the audiologist we have asked and submitted my son for ABR and OAE suggests that my son may be suffering from auditory neuropathy. Now his eent is suggesting a cochlear implant. Can you give me the best doctor and best hospital in Phils to go to? We are out of the country, our doctor said its best to go to Singapore but i would want to do it in Philippines. I hope you can help me thru your contacts.

    thanks and best regards

    • hi everyone,
      im a mom of a 2 hearing impaired has a cochlear implant and has had great success in terms of speech and language. i am willing to share information i have gathered through the 4 years he has been a CI user. Im actually starting a parent support group for implantees. if you wish to know more, pls text me at 09228893242 so we can correspond via private email.

      • hi mam Kris,nabasa ko yang message mo jan….my email address is…pwede moko email my anak kc ako na 1 yr old & 7 months profound hearing impaired cya..ask ko kc if dapat kopa palagyan ng hearing aid or di na…kc i have read here the other comments na prang wlang naitutulong o wlng effect ang hearing aid..prang mas mganda yata cochlear implant nlang kaso po cant afford dat CI…im hoping for ur response mam.u can also tex me po at 0939-477-4906. active pa po ba yang number mong 09228893242? ty so much po.

  8. hi im kay my baby girl po aq n may hearing impaired sa totoo lang po nung nlaman nmin ng aswa q na kakaiba anak nmin para po aqng mbbliw halos gmuho ang pngarap nmin mg aswa pra sa anak nmin npakasakit pra sa tulad qng ina magkganun ung anak q.lagi qng hnihiling sa diyos n sna aq nlng o skin nya nlng ibgay lhat ng sakit n para sa anak q..
    d po nmin alam mgaswa qng panu sisimulan ang pgppagot sa anak nmin gsuthin q man n mapaimplant cxa d q alam qng san kukuha ng ganung kalaking pera halos gabi-gabi umiiyak aq ng bago matulog d q alam qng anung nging ksalanan nmin mgaswa bki pa ung anak nmin ngkganun..
    pero nung nbasa q ung site n to nbuhayan aq ng loob d lng pla aq ngiisa..sna mapayuhan nyo aq at matulungan d q po tlaga alam ang ggwin qng pwede lng ipalit ang tenga q para sa anak q ggawin q……

  9. I am glad to be one of several visitants on this great site (:, regards for putting up.

  10. hello, im rhayan, i have a 3yr old boy who happens to be hearing impaired, npasakit pra samin mg asawa na malaman na may deperensia sa pandinig ang aming anak, bukod sa panganay siya labis ang aking kalungkutan na makita na mabagal ang social develpoment nia. may tendency na awayin o mang agaw ng laruan ng mga kalaro, maging sa bunsong kapatid niya, marmi na kaming napuntahang doctor lahat iisa ang findings pero di ko matangap, kasi malusog at masigla, sumsigaw nga ng malakas kaso babbling lahat ng salita niya. na suggest n rin samin tungkol sa implants by dra. charlote chiong, kaso we lack the financial capacity para implant at sa mga therapy na kailangan, do you happen to know people that can help us, thank you and godbless.

  11. I manage a training center and a pre-elementary private school in Pampanga for almost a year now. One of our prep students, Mhiel Garlitos, is suffering from hearing loss. I got bothered since I saw the grades of the kid. She’s outstanding. However, due to her disability, some factors are getting affected. She needs to undergo a cochlear implant and will cost the family 1M pesos. At present, the father is doing menial jobs just to support the daily sustenance of the kid. I am trying my luck if someone from your organization can help us on this. She is using an old hearing aid but it provides very minimal assistance in terms of her school performance.

    I hope we can help her in any way possible since she has potentials but with her situation, it might deteriorate.

    Thank you and God bless us all.

    you may contact me at

  12. May anak akong 8 taon,at balak naming mag asawa na mag undergo sa cochlear implant ang anak namin this year 2011 you have any suggestion Kung Saan at sino ang pwede maka usap regarding this.thanks

  13. i have a 4 years old daughter who need to undergo cochlear inplant…2years ago she was diagnose to have severe hearing loss and after all the test we were advise hearing aids would help her…after a year of using hearing aids and speech therapy,doc said its better to have a cochlear implant..doc said its really expensive,and what we need is suppport..

    christine narcida

    ptulong po sana ako pra cochlear implant ng anak di po namin kaya ang di cya lubusang mkarinig, sana po may mkatulong sa amin sa pagpagamot sa kanya, wala po kaming gaoong kalaking halaga para sa operation na ito…i hope po na may mag share at makatulong.
    thank’s lot…GOOD PLEASE!

    • TO KRIS,
      patulong sana ako syo paano ang makalikom ng assistancs, 4 girl po ang anak ko at trying na matutong mgsalita..I NEVER LOST HOPE PARA SA KANYA, Nag iisa kung anak.
      eto po ang contak ko sa ma consent na makakatulong:
      09199619123, tnx a lot
      I need all your help:

  15. Hi! Would you know anyone who had undergone an implant here in the Philippines? Thank u

  16. May I get an email address of ms Rona regarding CI? Thank u.