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June 17, 2008
by jojomccid

3 Part Drama Video on Deaf Abuse – Part 1

This is a 15-minute (3 parts) sub-titled dramatization of a true story about a Filipina who was physically abused by her uncle when she was still in high school. We removed some of the exact details in order to protect the identity of the deaf lady. She has already recovered from this nightmarish incident and is now happily married to a deaf man and has since migrated to another country. Continue reading

June 8, 2008
by jojomccid

Deaf Group rallied against school’s closure

Last week I received a text message from one of my favorite deaf students Emil Zion Punzalan, asking me if I will join in a rally. I was anxious to know what it’s about. So I queried some more. He said that it’s about the impending closure of the Philippine Association of the Deaf Demonstration School in Makati City. Although I already have inside information about it, I still asked him, what his opinion about it. He said, they organized a deaf group to rally in order to stop the closure of a school for the deaf which has been existing since early 70s. Continue reading