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April 30, 2008
by jojomccid

On Being Deaf and Uneducated

I opted not to mention the name of the deaf and the place where it happened in order to protect him and of course the family (not his) who’s supposed to defend him because they understand his situation. However, this issue hits us right in our own sense of compassion.

Being uneducated is a whammy. Being uneducated and deaf is a double whammy. Now, being POOR, UNEDUCATED and DEAF? WOW! In Tagalog, we say that person “inabot na sya ng sobrang kamalasan sa buhay” (has reached too much misfortune in life). A person who has never attended any formal education is most likely a poor person. Who else cannot go into schooling except someone who cannot afford to study? Continue reading